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Lazy Day

July 11, 2011

I’m on the other side of a long five days at work, putting on a big event: 14 hour days, moving boxes, smiling and being helpful, on my feet on a concrete exhibit hall floor. Luckily, my day job gave me today off to recuperate. I’m exhausted right now, but enjoying my lazy morning in my pjs, with dozing kitties and a Project Runway Season 1 marathon. I’m taking advantage of this chance to recharge a little, because I’ve got another long weekend ahead. This time the hubby and I have a space at the Citywide Garage Sale here in Austin. I’m FINALLY going to try selling all of the vintage goodies I’ve been buying up for the past couple of years. So again, I’ll have long days, boxes to move, and smiling and selling. Somehow, though the work will be similar, I’m looking forward to this so much more. Maybe I’ll get dressed and clean the kitchen in a few hours, but for now, I’m just relaxing with Tim, Heidi, the designers and models.


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