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Time Flies

October 18, 2011

I absolutely hate that I haven’t managed to be on here regularly, which I planned to do when I started posting again in August. I ended up starting a new job mid-month, at the same time that we were fixing up our house to sell. We’ve been so busy we haven’t even gone to garage or estate sales in more than a month! The DVR teeters around 80% full most of the time, and my kitties are seriously in need of some lap-time. I actually missed an issue of Martha Stewart Living. That hasn’t happened since the 90s!

But luckily things seem to be evening out. I’m getting a handle on the new job, and all of the repairs and upgrades around the house are done and it’s listed. (These pictures are from the listing – we worked hard and it looks great! ). Last night I actually sat on the couch for two hours with my hubby, two cats, that Martha Stewart magazine and some saved episodes of Dr. Who! You have no idea how nice that was!

So, I’m trying yet again to get back on the blogging track. I really miss it when I don’t get to post regularly. I have so many ideas, pictures and half-written posts to share! Hopefully I’ll be on here a little more regularly in the upcoming months.


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