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Best Idea Ever

October 19, 2011

NOTE: I recently heard from Angela Pineda and learned that Cupcakes Divine is no longer at the Red Rooster. I’ll let you know when I hear of their new location! Good luck Angela!

I’ve had this post mostly written since August! I’ve been so busy since then and it’s just been languishing here in my drafts. I really wanted to finish it and get it up, because we had such a great weekend, and I wanted to share with you all!

Back in August my sweet hubby took me to the Kuebler Waldrip Haus Bed and Breakfast in Gruene for my birthday. It was such a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and the accommodations were only eclipsed by the food (OH MY the breakfast was amazing) and the hospitality of Ms. Waldrip and her son Darrell, and their employees. We a lot of fun shopping (more about that later) and eating. But what has to be the highlight of the trip was the cupcake bar at the Red Rooster in downtown New Braunfels.  That’s where I met the Hamburgler, above. Amazingly, he’s not the best thing ever, but he is pretty awesome, huh?

We initially stopped in to shop – the Red Rooster is a mini-antique mall, restaurant, and soda fountain all in one. I did find a very neat, miniature, vintage screwdriver set in a wooden case. But after shopping my hubby wandered into the soda fountain (I wasn’t even going to go in, luckily he was lured by the ice cream) and I followed. There, along the far wall, was something old, turned into something new. Cupcakes have been a craze for a while, and I’m used to seeing them everywhere. This was different though. The row of cups holding bags of icing was the first thing to catch my eye. When I got a little closer I discovered a case of un-iced cupcakes, and then pots of warm chocolate ganache, bottles with different fillings…I was getting the picture, but then I started talking to the girl behind the counter and got the whole story.

The cupcake bar is the brain child of Angela Wright Pineda of  Cakes Divine. You pick one of her yummy cupcakes, and then build it into your own creation, adding any or all of the following: infusions (liquors soaked into the cupcake), fillings, ganache, icing, candy, sprinkles, nuts – so many toppings! Now, I was already getting excited, but when I got to the end of the counter and saw Cracker Jacks I went nuts. I spent about 10 minutes mentally composing the perfect cupcake that could end up topped with everyone’s favorite caramel corn, and then a few minutes later I was eating it. A dark chocolate cupcake, infused with Amaretto, topped with dark chocolate ganache, then iced with cinnamon brandy buttercream, and finally sprinkled with Cracker Jacks.  I didn’t even think about taking a picture until it was gone.  Man, that was a good cupcake.

Luckily, a few hours later I was surprised by two friends who had coordinated with my husband to meet us for a late lunch there in town. I was so happy to see them, and immediately informed them we’d have to go get cupcakes after we ate. Lucky for you I stopped long enough this time to take some photos! I didn’t recreate my Cracker Jack cupcake, but my second one was just as good, and just as exciting! Wait for it. Wait.


Can you believe it? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?? And if they did, why didn’t they share with me? All I can say is the next occasion I can come up with will include a cupcake bar. With Pop Rocks. And Cracker Jacks. Mmmmmm.


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