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Foodie Friday

October 29, 2011

I had some amazing food today guys. Seriously awesome. I had lunch at the Culinary Institute of America Bakery Cafe today, in the beautiful Pearl Brewery area in San Antonio. I took a quick pic of the bakery case above, but more about dessert in a minute. We finally got some cold weather and I’m on a soup kick, so I had one of the daily specials, the turkiey pot pie soup.

Doesn’t that look great? Such a good idea too – instead of a thick creamy filling it was a rich creamy soup with chunks of vegetables and turkey, topped with a crispy biscuit. Another person in our group had another daily special – the pulled pork sandwich.

Again, how fantastic does that look? Almost too pretty to eat! But as wonderful as lunch was, dessert was better.

This beautiful, shiny chocolate beauty had a dark chocolate truffle center, surrounded in rich chocolate mousse, and covered in a shiny ganache, all sitting on a loose cookie crust. It was rich, dark and not too sweet.

The crust on this banana tart was possibly the best crust I’ve ever had. It was so crispy you could hear the snap when you cut into it, and buttery and yummy. I’m not a huge banana fan, but the creamy custard filling, caramelized bananas, and vanilla cream on top was pretty good.

Key lime is one of my favorite desserts. This was a perfect key lime pie, tart and sweet, with that creamy, comforting condensed milk flavor hiding in there. The crust was buttery graham crackers and not too dry.

This evening I managed to get in some more soup. We went to Dong Nai, a Vietnemese restaurant nearby that has great pho. It seems like I’m hearing about pho every time I turn around. It’s such a simple thing – broth and noodles – but it’s just so amazing, especially on a cold night. Mmmmmmm……..

I brought a couple of treats home from the bakery for this evening. I shared a pumpkin macaroon with my husband, as well as a chocolate caramel tart that ended up being the best thing I’ve had in my mouth, maybe ever. The caramel had that lovely lightly burnt flavor plus a really nice bit of salt. It really was the best caramel I’ve ever had. We ate it too quickly to take a picture!

Well, that’s my Friday folks, it was pretty yummy. Have a good weekend!


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