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DIY Decorations

December 5, 2011

I’ve had big plans to share lots of crafty Christmas decorations with you guys here, but I’ve found myself super busy (as always) with a myriad of holiday doings of late, and I think my plans must be altered a bit. Later this week I will have some ideas for using those glass ball ornaments you find at craft stores everywhere, and next week I’ll have an easy and inexpensive modeling dough recipe and some basic ornaments you can make from the dough. I might even be able to squeeze in a felt ornament tutorial and free pattern – I’m hopeful, but noncommittal.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few links to other bloggers with great tutorials and crafty creations. I hope you find something fun to make!

How About Orange is one of my daily online stops. I love her aesthetics and all of the practical goodies (and time wasters!) that can be found on her blog. Right now on the left sidebar you can find links to several years worth of paper ornament posts with directions. I think my favorite right now is the Lacy Snowflake above, but they are all cute, easy and so inexpensive to make!

Angry Chicken is another favorite of mine, and a good place to stop by for inspiration. There is an easy Advent Calendar project up right now. I’ve always loved the idea of an advent calendar, but never have attempted one myself. I think this would be a great way to do it if you have kids. And if you do give stickers (in an advent calendar or otherwise) I recently learned that wax paper is a great accompaniment. Kids can play with the stickers, move them around, and reuse them if they use wax paper.

Young House Love is a great general DIY site – lots of home stuff, which you know I love. They have some great ornament projects, and I particularly love the little animal ornaments. What a fun addition to a tree! I probably love these even more because they remind me of a couple of wreaths I’ve made by spray painting plastic toys. Maybe next year when I have access to my Christmas stuff I’ll pull ours out and take some pics to share here.

One last favorite – Martha Stewart, of course. There are probably millions of ideas on, but I’m loving these button ornaments, myself. I’m not making them this year, but I have a feeling they’ll show up at some point in the future!


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