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Magical Woodland Ornaments

December 19, 2011

I made these ornaments last year to go with my “woodland” themed goodie baskets (I love a theme!). These were a pretty last-minute project. I think I made them a few days before Christmas, so some of the materials were on sale ridiculously cheap. I got the flatter round ornaments, mostly because I felt the glass was a little thicker than the globe version, but I think they were perfect for these. I bought one package of mixed mosses and an assortment of wild-looking holiday picks (these were 80% off I think – most were under $.20 each!). I used Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue and a skewer to glue the different elements in.

Before starting, cut up your floral picks into smaller pieces that will fit easily inside your ornament. Start with the moss – apply a decent amount pf glue to the bottom inside of the ornament, being careful not to get it all over the sides of the ornament. Next, roll up a small piece of moss, enough to cover the bottom, and stuff it into the hole in the top of the ornament. I used a clean skewer and a pair of hemostats (scissor looking things with flat, ridged tips that grip together) to guide the moss into place.

Once it was where I wanted it I used the blunt end of the skewer to tamp it down into the glue so it would set. Next I chose the leaves and fronds I wanted to make up my mini landscape. Most ornaments had three pieces (odd numbers look best, right?). Again I applied a gob of glue first with a skewer, then I used the hemostats to shove the floral bits into the ornament, and get that bottom end right into the glue. These dried overnight, then the cap went back on, and a bit of ribbon was attached to the top for hanging.

I also did a few tiny ornaments with just some moss inside. They were all a huge hit, if I do say so myself! My sister has hers on her “Alice in Wonderland” themed Christmas tree this year! You can see more photos of her tree on her website,


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