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Sweet DIY Robe

January 5, 2012


I have a love/hate relationship with robes, especially in the winter. I want to be warm when I get out of the shower, but I hate battling swaths of terrycloth. I want something a little girly, but satiny, silky fabrics are worse than useless in my opinion (see “warm”). I decided a lightweight flannel robe would be great, but being very particular and knowing exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t find it anywhere (at least, not with a price tag I was comfortable with). Technically I know how to sew, and I could go buy some flannel and a pattern, cut it out, stitch it up and hope for the best. But honestly, especially after the making extravaganza that was Christmas, I’ve been feeling lazy.

Luckily I came upon the perfect solution. I found a men’s “tall” flannel shirt, and I hacked it to create my perfect robe. I was hoping for a pretty pink flannel (yeah, I know) but no such luck. Instead I found a nice, soft, gray and turquoise super-long shirt on sale for $15. I don’t have step by step photos – as we’re packing up the house I don’t have a good spot to take photos. Instead I’ve done a very bad illustration that I hope helps explain what I did. It is a pretty simple alteration but if you have any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can!

First, I cut off the bottom half of the sleeves. I double-hemmed the sleeves, and this left me with what will be 3/4 length sleeves on me. Next, I cut off the collar, and cut a bit of a “V” in the front of the shirt. I hemmed the raw edge, but didn’t bother with a double hem here. Using part of the sleeves I cut off I made two pockets, one for each side. I hemmed the top edge and then folded under and stitched each pocket to the lower part of each side of the shirt. Finally I attached the center of a ribbon belt to the center back of the shirt. I used the back pleat as a guide and eyeballed this.

I didn’t break out my iron or sewing machine for any of this – it is all hand sewn and roughly folded over. It’s not as neat as machine sewn would have been, but it’s perfectly fine for me! The only thing I still plan to add is belt loops on the side, so the belt doesn’t just flop down the back when it’s off or untied. It took a little longer than an hour to do, and probably would have been faster if I hadn’t been catching up on episodes of Misfits! The end result is just what I wanted, and has been working out perfectly!

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